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Servant of God 

Demetrius Gallitzin

"Apostle of the Alleghenies"




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Pastors of Loretto

1.    Servant of God Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin        1799-1840

2.    Reverend Peter Henry Lemcke                             1840-1844       

3.    Reverend Hugh Patrick Gallagher                         1844-1852

4.    Reverend James A. Gallagher                                1852-1855

5.    Reverend William Pollard                                    1855-1859

6.    Reverend Terence S. Reynolds                            1859-1868

7.    Reverend Michael J. Mitchell                                1868-1870

8.    Reverend Edward A. Bush                                    1870-1890

9.    Reverend Martin Ryan                                            1890-1891

10.    Reverend Ferdinand Kittell                                1891-1927

11.    Right Reverend Monsignor James P. Sass        1927-1942

12.    Reverend Charles Diamond                                1942-1958

13.    Very Reverend Monsignor Paul A. Lenz            1958-1970